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Book of the Week — [اختصار مختصر المقاصد الحسنة]

MS-OR.12.48‘kabīkaj, kabīkaj, kabīkaj, yā kabīkaj iḥfaẓ al-waraq’

اختصار مختصر المقاصد الحسنة
زرقاني، محمد بن عبد الباقي
1168 [1754] Ms Or. 12.48

An abridgement of Muḥammad ibn ʻAbd al-Bāqīal-Zurqānī’s Mukhtaṣar, itself an abridgement of al-Sakhāwī’s al-Maqāṣid al-ḥasanah, a collection of ḥadīth; the present work is anonymous, but al-Jabartī (in ʻAjāʼib al-āthār, ed. Ḥasan Muḥammad Jawhar et al., MS-OR.12.48-colophon[al-Qāhirah]: Lajnat al-Bayān al-ʻArabī, 1958-9; v. 1, p. 176) informs us that al-Zurqānī summarized his own abridgement “fī naḥw kurrāsayn bi-ishārat wālidihi”; the present work would seem to fit that description; an extract is also listed by Brockelmann (GAL II:35).

Naskhī in a trembling hand; rubrications; 25 lines/p; corrections and notes on the margins; title and invocation against bookworms (‘kabīkaj, kabīkaj, kabīkaj, yā kabīkaj iḥfaẓ al-waraq’) on fol. 1a; one folio missing after fol. 7; laid paper; watermark: three thick crescents; unbound.

From the collection of Aziz Atiya (1898-1988.)

~~Thanks to Mark Muehlhausler for the catalog record and for bringing the curse against bookworms to my attention. LP

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