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Crowdsourcing Digital Collection of Houses of Worship

Did you know the Marriott Library is creating a digital archive featuring photos of churches, mosques, synagogues, and other houses of worship?  But we need your help!

The Utah Religious Architecture Photograph Collection is a set of current digital photographs that demonstrates the history and variety of the faith communities in the state as reflected in their houses of worship. This is a “crowd-sourced” project that invites the public to submit photos for inclusion in the collection. We hope to see churches from all over the state represented. Both current and former church buildings (now used for other purposes) are of interest, and both exterior views and interior shots are sought.

You will see an interactive map showing what churches have already been included and how much of the state still needs representation.  There is also a link to a form through which you may submit your photos to the collection.

For more information, contact Ken Rockwell at:

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