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The goal of the library exhibition program is to provide a space for student work and campus research to be shared with the community and that our exhibition program provides an opportunity to present stories, voices, and work that otherwise may not be able to be shared.

Field / Work

Level 1

Field Work is a collaborative project created over the spring 2024 semester by artists enrolled in ART & PHOTO 3755: Studio as Conceptual Practice. Throughout the semester, in large and small groups, the artists collectively worked on concepts exploring mental health, societal pressure, environmental consciousness, the romanticization of the American road trip, fast fashion, the mass production of plastics, and the ecological crisis. The artists facilitated on-location photography shoots that included locations such as Kingsbury Hall, Great Salt Lake, The Great Saltair, and the Salt Lake Valley Landfill. Each collaborative group was tasked with developing a concept, location scouting, and assigning various roles to their peers, including camera operations, lighting, wardrobe, and creative directing. Together, these artists explored a wide range of motifs that allowed them to develop individual skills and explore collaborative practices.

Yellow Leaves: Shakespeare and His Times

Level 4

45 volumes from the Rare Books department including leaves from the Folios 1-4, work by Shakespeare’s contemporaries, and historical volumes that influenced his writing and publication.

This exhibition aims to introduce Shakespeare’s writing by listening for his voice in contemporary publications of his plays and poems, while also exploring the cultural life Shakespeare drew upon and depicted. The gallery will contain examples of Shakespeare’s work as it was published posthumously and edited throughout the following century as well as attempting to capture his elusive biography and showcasing copies of the editions which Shakespeare read and used to provide storylines and themes of some of his best-known plays. Together, they provide a representation of his world in both its personal and historical dimensions. There is, of course, another resonance to the title of the exhibit: the “yellow leaves” of the documents and books on display. Were it not for these publications, particularly the First Folio of 1623, half of Shakespeare’s plays would have been lost to history, and many works we treasure would be available only in deeply compromised versions. The volumes in this gallery will provide an opportunity for viewers to engage with the vivid moment of Shakespeare’s time.

Indigenous Womxn’s Collective

Level 1

This exhibition is a platform to highlight the work led by the Indigenous Womxn’s Collective fellows. Each fellow identified a topic or issue important to them and facilitated an event in partnership with campus and community partners.

The mission of the Indigenous Womxn’s Collective (IWC) is to empower future leaders by leveraging Indigenous womxn’s shared stories, lived experiences, and intersectionality through intergenerational exchange and collaboration. Program initiatives guide and develop leaders through service-oriented projects while creating a collective of womxn supporting womxn.

Exhibition is by the American Indian Resource Center at the University of Utah.

Healthcare Struggles and Perspectives

Level 1

This museum exhibit invites you on a visual journey to reflect, engage, and question access, equity, and promotion in the US healthcare system.

It includes contributions from Jackson Schlussel (Food Access and Health Issues), Jake Duke (Barriers of Healthcare for Native Americans), Rongquan Zhang (Communication in Healthcare), Sydnee Furlong (Compounding Pressure: Chronic Illness & Barriers to Access), Tanner Jones( Access and Dis/ability), and Victoria Bradford (Stories of Trailblazing Women in Healthcare).

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