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The goal of the library exhibition program is to provide a space for student work and campus research to be shared with the community and that our exhibition program provides an opportunity to present stories, voices, and work that otherwise may not be able to be shared.

Printing Through the Pandemic

Level 1 & 4 Exhibition Spaces

June 24 – September 23, 2022

Throughout the pandemic, for a myriad of reasons, many printers responded to print exchange invitations and others created artists’ books. This exhibition presents prints from a selection of print exchanges and recently purchased artists’ books from the Rare Books Collection, all produced in 2020-2021, and many in direct response to current issues.

Queer Joy

Level 2 Exhibition Space

This show was created for queer students to showcase their art forms, on their own terms. Representation is over-voiced and under-practiced. Representation often centers the hardships faced by marginalized groups, rather than portraying joy and love and hope and the full range of human emotions. Art making itself is a practice done by love, frustration, anger, and relief. By using this art as means of extending representation, we’re offering a more accurate, full picture of what it means to be gay, trans, nonbinary, gender diverse, etc. With a joy-centered approach to portraying queerness, we can subdue homophobic ignorance, but more importantly, reach toward a world where queer people can see themselves recognized and appreciated.
Hearing the words “Queer Experience” shouldn’t simply bring to mind images of hardship faced from hatred in the world. To show the joy, humanity, lovesickness, and life of Queerness embodied, I present this collection of work by LGBTQIA+ friends and peers.

Saline Stories: An Oral and Visual History of the Great Salt Lake

“Saline Stories: An Oral and Visual History of the Great Salt Lake” is a digital exhibit created by the American West Center that seeks to display and publicize the unique history of the Great Salt Lake. The exhibit features snippets from the Great Salt Lake Oral History collection which features interviews with leading environmentalists, outdoor sport enthusiasts, artists, and authors. In addition, the exhibit features various collections of historic photographs related to the Lake found in the Marriott Digital Library. Start by geographically browsing locations on a map for stories and media associated with that place, or browse by a list locations.

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