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How the Marriott Library Helped Me as a Business Student

By Aislin Pyper


Being in the Business Scholars program, and honestly just being a part of the David Eccles School of Business, group projects are bound to be in your future. With dozens of group study rooms, the Marriott Library provides private space to work closely with your team, no matter what the project. During the fall semester alone, I was able to use group study rooms several times to work on group papers and presentations. Not only was the space private, but also had a television monitor to connect laptops to collectively look at one document. The TVs were especially helpful when practicing our presentations! It was easy to set up and allowed us time to do our best. 

Our group was able to easily reserve a room through the library’s website. This allowed us to find a perfect size room with certain aspects we needed such as the TV screen. Not only were we able to pick the room, but we were able to reserve it for as long as we needed to work. This was so beneficial for us because we had no interruptions and could easily finish all of our work in the amount of time we selected.


The increasing price of textbooks can be overwhelming for students. Luckily, the Marriott Library carries many textbooks in the Open Reserve on level 3! In my first year of college, I knew I’d need to buy textbooks but did not expect how expensive they would be! After spending too much money in the fall semester, I decided to check out books for a day each week and use the textbook scanners to get the pages I need for that week. By doing this I was able to save nearly $200! Using the textbook scanners on level 2 is very easy but if you need assistance, there are many people at the Knowledge Commons desk who would be willing to help you!


During my time so far, I have had to create my own product and present it twice already… and it’s not even the end of the second semester. Knowing this, I can anticipate that I am not the only one who is seeking ways to create a prototype for a new product. On level 2 in the Marriott Library, you can find the Materials Collection space which holds dozens of different materials to make anything you can imagine from materials such as fabric, metals, recyclables, and even glass.

The Materials Collection has helped me so much while being a business student! Recently, in the Business Scholars Program, we were asked to be a part of an “Innovation Showcase” where we work with a group to create a product and pitch it to a panel of judges and investors. When asked to build a prototype I knew exactly the place to go… the Marriott Library Materials Collection! I knew that we could get raw material ideas to make a prototype of our product and stand out with a prototype made of unique materials. 


Papers, presentations, work, repeat. Where do you find the time for anything else? Personally, working two jobs and being a business major,  I struggle to make time to do something as simple as taking a break and have a snack so, I decided to move my studies to level 1 and be near Mom’s Cafe. While being near fresh coffee and a variety of yummy snacks, Mom’s Cafe is a great spot to study whether it be with friends or by yourself!

Wherever you try to go on campus to study, most of the time it will be crowded with loud people. I love going to Mom’s Cafe because the atmosphere is so relaxing and the people there are respectful of others. 

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  • KATHERINE Dayton-Kistler
    Posted at 05:29h, 27 February Reply

    You are amazing! And what an excellent article. I feel that I want to run to the library and check it out.

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