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ProtoSpace: New Entrance, New Colors, and New Features!

Image of an Allosaurus fossil being scanned.

By TJ Ferrill

The new entrance to ProtoSpace 2751 is a floor-to-ceiling glass wall, located in place of what used to be the course reserves desk. This glass wall and door serves to block sound from the noisy hallway, and create a more welcoming entrance for passersby.

Also new to ProtoSpace is the color scheme. Each color represents a space or area of activity, which helps the space look more structured. We are still working to fill out this space with interesting equipment, furniture, and activities. One such build-out will be the introduction of a permanent 3D scanning and metrology station. This will be a workstation for capturing high-quality 3D model data from physical objects. This will complement the other types of equipment in the space and allow for more digital / physical transitions.

I am eager to offer different types of equipment and skills to our students, faculty, and staff. Over the past month or so, I have been helping to 3D scan a full fossilized Allosaurus. Alongside a team from the department of Geology & Geophysics and the Natural History Museum of Utah, we are creating the model to aid in coursework and research.

Do you have an idea for a piece of equipment or type of service you’d like to see us offer? Let us know! You can reach out to any and all of the team at

Best wishes to all,


TJ Ferrill | Assistant Head of Creative Spaces
Creativity & Innovation Services / Creative Spaces

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