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Soon to be Graduates: Featuring a Few of Our Student Employees

A wholehearted “Congrats” to the student library employees who will be graduating this year! Your contributions of time, energy, and talent are invaluable to the operation of the library. We wish you the very best as you transition to your next adventure.

Vanessa Barnes

I am graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

I am currently a Manuscript Processor in the Manuscripts Division of Special Collections at the Marriott Library. I love working in Manuscripts because I have the ability to read interesting materials, oftentimes dealing with Utah’s political leaders. It has helped to fine-tune my research skills and ability to organize information, as well as work on time management as I balance being a double major with my job. I’ve enjoyed working both behind the scenes as well as welcoming students and patrons to Special Collections.

I am grateful to work in such an interesting and enriching environment. I have enjoyed my time at the Marriott Library both professionally and personally, as I have had the privilege of learning from great bosses and co-workers.

I am planning to continuing working at the Marriott Library throughout the summer as I prepare to take the LSAT and attend law school. I think the skills that I have developed through my experience in Special Collections will help me throughout my academic pursuits, career and throughout life.

Kelsie Flack

I am graduating with a Bachelor’s of Art in Art History. I have a passion for learning about art and what it is capable of, so I have enjoyed my time in the Art History program. I am currently a Manuscript Processor in the Manuscripts Division of Special Collections at the Marriott Library. I love working in Manuscripts because I have the ability to read interesting materials and take the time to understand how research works and how it is beneficial to the patrons that come to Special Collections. I think that the skills that I have developed through Special Collections will help me better understand research and archived materials, which will be helpful in the field of Art History. Art historians work very hard in researching and developing ideas about art through researching various materials, so knowing how organization and research unfolds has been a great tool to have under my belt.

I don’t know exactly what will come after graduation, but I hope to use the skills I have adapted at the library to work in my future careers. I hope to continue in the field of art history and continue to learn more about the stories that are told through art.

Alix Ford

I am originally from Oklahoma and have a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from Oklahoma State University. After graduating, I moved to Missoula, MT, but realized after a few years in the hospitality industry that I wanted to return to school in order to pursue a new career. In January of 2017, I began pursuing my second bachelors in Health Promotion and Education with an emphasis in Community Health here at the U, and started working at the library in February 2018. Working at the library for the last year has been such an amazing experience, and has taught me many lessons. Being continually surrounded by the incredible resources offered at the library, and working in an environment that encourages curiosity and continued learning has been a real inspiration. After graduating, I will be moving to Flagstaff, AZ and am applying to a Masters of Public Administration program at Northern Arizona University. I’m so thankful for my two and a half years at the University of Utah, and the supportive community at the Marriott Library.

Devin Lowe

I’m graduating this May with a major in Marketing and a minor in Media Studies. I started working as an Office Assistant to Administration during my freshman year. Upon graduation I will be moving to Cary, North Carolina to begin work as an Events Coordinator Intern at Epic Games. Working at the library has been a highlight of my higher education experience, providing me with constant support in accomplishing personal and career goals. On top of my daily tasks, I’ve been able to work closely with the Marketing and PR department, learning lessons that I will carry with me as I prepare to enter a marketing profession. Everyone I’ve encountered in the library is committed to fostering the best environment possible; always willing to share their knowledge and help with any needs that may arise.

Savannah Mailloux

I am graduating with an honors degree in geography. Over the past two years, I have worked in the Collection Services department at the Marriott Library. Working at the library has been invaluable to my degree and skill set post-graduation. Specifically, I have been able to find books, journals, and citation tools in order to complete course assignments as well as my thesis. I have also been able to show patrons the resources available in the library. I am unsure of what my future holds but I am thankful for the library, the Department of Geography, and my loved ones for their support throughout my undergraduate career.

Taylor Nilsson

I will be graduating this summer in Chemistry with an emphasis in Business. I started working at the library in the Security and Information department in August 2016. Along the way I have been able to get a couple certificates through the library such as Professional Development and Bystander Training. Both of these certificates will be able to benefit my future endeavors wonderfully. I am very grateful for all of the times I was able to help out student, staff, faculty and community members. After graduation I plan on staying in Utah and continuing doing research for a chemical company. I am thankful for all the lessons and resources I have learned from this organization and they will be valuable in all aspects of my life going forth.

Mark Powell

After moving to Utah from a small town in New Hampshire, I have been pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Economics. I settled on economics after trying out a few different majors and with the help of academic advisors figuring out what captured my interest most. I began working at the Marriott Library the summer before my final year, working as a security officer. I have really enjoyed working in the library. It is very rewarding helping out fellow students as they come through to find book and study. With the help of the very supportive security team, I have had a very enjoyable final year and I am very happy with my time working at the Marriott Library. I would highly recommend it to other students possibly looking for a job as well. I am currently interviewing for a few different jobs in the financial field. I am mainly looking into positions that have to do with financial planning or financial analysis. I plan to stay in Utah after graduation to pursue these career paths.

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