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3D Scanning Updates From TJ

By TJ Ferrill

Hello, the internet! With Fall semester now in full swing, I hope everyone is enjoying cooler weather in Katherine’s Courtyard and comfy new chairs in ProtoSpace! We have purchased a new 3D scanner, the Creality CR-Scan “Lizard,” which captures small to medium objects with texture and feature resolution down to 0.5mm. I am working to build a 3D scanning station in ProtoSpace which is reservable anytime the building is open. This will be a huge improvement over the existing, by-appointment, setup that we have used up until now. 3D scanning has become easier than ever in the past few years, though current solutions are imperfect and sometimes still cost prohibitive. The good news is that lower-cost dedicated scanning equipment, photogrammetry workflows, and the maturation of LiDAR scanning on iOS devices have made 3D model generation more accessible to a broader audience. It’s exciting to see developments in this space, like new ways to render and share the outputs of 3D scanning techniques. The workflow from physical object, to 3D scan, to virtual reality has evolved from a “developers only” process to one realizable by hobbyists, students, researchers, and explorers from many fields. I am also fully hyped to display 3D scanned content in larger-than-life size on our soon-to-be-complete visualization wall. I am optimistic that we will continue to find valuable connections as we continue to create and explore immersive virtual environments and elements.

TJ Ferrill | Assistant Head of Creative Spaces
Creativity & Innovation Services / Creative Spaces

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