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3D Utah Topographic Model on Display in ProtoSpace

By Justin Sorensen

If you have visited ProtoSpace recently, you may have noticed a new project on display. Our new, in-house designed Utah topographic model demonstrates the combined power of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology and 3D modeling / printing to present a physical, visual representation of the unique topography of Utah. Presented at detailed elevation intervals of 10-meters, each scaled county tile expresses the physical features of the landscape, ranging from mountains and plateaus to river and glacier-eroded canyons.

While engaging and informative in its own regard, this model is only the first stage of a much larger project. With the model now printed and on display, stage 2 will incorporate a short throw projection system in which various types of Utah data will be displayed directly onto the model…how cool is that!

More updates regarding this project and its development will be shared as they become available. In the meantime, please feel welcome to visit us in ProtoSpace to see the model in-person and to learn about the process you can employ for creating topographic models of areas around the world.

Examples from the prototype projection system in action:

Salt lake county 3D Model The Salt Lake County 3D Model printed for projecting GIS data. The Salt Lake County 3D Model printed for projecting GIS data. The Salt Lake County 3D Model printed for projecting GIS data.

Until next time…Happy Mapping!

Justin Sorensen | GIS Specialist
ProtoSpace / Creativity & Innovation Services / GIS Services

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  • Cynthia Osmun
    Posted at 02:44h, 25 September Reply

    How stunning in both concept and delivery. Back in the day when libraries had card catalogues, I fell in love with maps and atlases that swooped up my imagination, and gave it wings to see my little world from a bird”s eye view. How wonder-full it is to see a world now mapped by ProtoSpace. Our surroundings, no longer limited in their representation by static two dimensional maps on a paper pages, the earth’s surface springs to dynamic 3-D life in vibrant overlays displaying the interplay of natural topography, seasonal conditions, and resources, and our constructs upon them. Wholly engaging and expanding our experience of “place”. Thank you for this brilliant work, this wholly engaging, wonderful new view.

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