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4 Book Recommendations for the New Year

It’s a new year. With all the new potential and possibilities a turn of the calendar represents, let these books serve as a guide to planning your year, creating new goals (or not), and general tips on good self-governance.

Allyson Mower, Head of Scholarly Communication & Copyright, has recommended the following titles to learn more about this subject. All of these are available through the Marriott Library catalog.

52 small changes for the mind : improve memory, minimize stress, increase productivity, boost happiness by Brett Blumenthal

A beautifully-designed book that provides 52 weeks’ worth of fun tips and ideas for changing things up and keeping yourself moving forward.

Kill Reply All by Victoria Turk

Get tips and a few laughs on the topic of digital etiquette. Some of it is pretty basic but I appreciated the general premise and reminder to keep people’s feelings in mind when deciding what to do or say via email, video and online conferencing, or social media.

The Rabbit Effect by Kelli Harding

This book, written by a physician inspired by her experiences as a medical student, provides an engaging overview of the literature on social determinants of health. Who knew kindness served as a driver of health, but it’s obvious after you’ve read this book.

Immunity: the science of staying well by Jenna Macciochi

Written by an immunologist, this book takes a critical look at the marketing surrounding “wellness” and provides a straightforward explanation about how the body works, the complex system of immunity, and offers informed tips on long-term health.

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