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5 Great Books for Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with these five picks from Librarian Allyson Mower.

The Intersectional Environmentalist
By Leah Thomas

This is a great book recommended to me by Kara Freedman from the Sustainability Office. The basic message is don’t let racism, sexism, or classism stop you from being an advocate for planet Earth.

The Lorax
By Dr. Seuss

This book, along with “The Sneetches,” made me care deeply about people and the environment.

Energy Democracy
Edited by Danielle Endres, et al.

In this innovative book, U of U professor of communication Dr. Danielle Endres brings together the latest research and thinking on how to engage the research agenda for a more just and democratic future.

By M.R. Connor

A great historic and scientific exploration about how humans have found their way over time and how our brains developed because of it.

Parable of the Talents
By Octavia Butler

Focusing on the extreme political realities that can emerge during times of crisis and uncertainty, Octavia Butler’s “The Parable of the Talents” shows what can happen to human society in the aftermath of climate destruction and scare resources (which just reading about such a society makes you want to protect the planet!).

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