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For nearly twenty years, the Marriott Library has been digitizing, preserving, and making newspapers from around the state available through the Utah Digital Newspapers project. We currently have over 3.6 million pages of Utah newspapers freely available on Utah Digital Newspapers.

Through a partnership with Ancestry and, we have been able to digitize several million additional pages of Utah newspapers. All of this content will be freely available in Utah Digital Newspapers in 2023. Until that time, Ancestry has given free access to this content on to all academic institutions throughout the state, as long as you are accessing the content while on-site at one of these institutions.

With the spread of COVID-19, it may not be possible at this time to travel to one of these institutions, which hinders access to this content. To help solve this problem, Ancestry has provided a new way to freely access over 8 million pages of Utah newspapers hosted on This portal is only available if you are being referred to the page from this blog post, so bookmark this post rather than the link to This link will be available throughout Utah’s “Stay Safe, Stay Home Directive.” After the academic institutions throughout the state are able to fully reopen, then you will once again need to visit a college or university in the state to access to this content.

Access 8 million pages of Utah Newspapers on


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