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Sande James-Wascher
Renton, WA: Wascher-James, 1993
N7433.4 W38 H69 1993

Women’s struggle for the vote through text, photographs, and quilt block. Text inspired by an article on women’s suffrage by Minna Morse in The Smithsonian, 1993.

From the artist’s statement: “I choose to create what I feel will be beautiful and bring pleasure. That does not preclude having a powerful message…Most of my work is done with what might be considered ‘women’s work’: embroidery, quilting, beading, etc. I do this intentionally to show that there is merit and power in these techniques and because I enjoy working this way…The book formats I use allow me to do pieces that are sculptural with strong visual images as well as written components…”

Photographs from the Library of Congress, Oregon Historical Society, Smithsonian, and Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College. Flag book bound in concertina style, opening to reveal twenty-one card leaves in three horizontal rows, each leaf with text/printed photograph on one side and illustration of a postage stamp on a ground of printed patchwork on the other. Boards of printed patchwork with floral lilac fabric border. Edition of one hundred and twenty-five copies. University of Utah copy is no. 45, signed by the author.

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