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Books to U: The Library Delivers!

Libraries have been in the business of lending books and materials for centuries. Today, given the unusual moment of COVID, staff at the Marriott Library have expanded their delivery methods to include Books to U – a service that delivers books and other materials to your mailbox (campus community*) safely and efficiently.

What Things Can Be Mailed to You?

  • Books
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Laptops & Tablets
  • Wifi Devices
  • Calculators
  • And More!

“Lending via mail has been incredibly successful,” explains Ian Godfrey, Assistant Dean for Facilities and Operations. “We began shipping library materials across the world back in May and the demand has been extremely strong.” For example, the first week of spring semester, library staff filled more than 900 requested items for students, faculty, and staff. “The furthest we’ve shipped was to Israel, where a faculty member was in quarantine and was in need of a book.”

Last Fall, in response to students vacating campus and requiring computing for the online classes, the library was awarded CARES funding that was used to purchase 1,000 laptops. In the wake of the COVID outbreak and the library shutdown, staff began shipping laptops to students; they were permitted to borrow laptops and hotspots for the entire semester.

“After we started shipping the laptops, we realized we could also ship books and other items,” comments Godfrey. “Not only were we enhancing customer service, but by reducing traffic to the library, we were also reducing spread of the virus.”

“We began shipping library materials across the world back in May and the demand has been extremely strong.”

Ian Godfrey, Assistant Dean for Facilities and Operations

Request Shipped Items!

To request books, videos, and games, use the library catalog and complete the form for delivery. Request technology using this form. You can also request pre-paid postage to return your item if you aren’t able to return to campus.

Hey, These People Know How to Deliver!

Automated Retrieval Center (ARC) Fulfillment:

Carly Anderson manages the day-to-day requests for material and the more than 19,000 bins the material is stored in.

Sara Perkins manages the circulating collection and pulls items for patrons from our more than 50 miles of shelving.

Gun Kerdpocha keeps the robots in the ARC in tip-top shape so that everything works when you make a request for an item.

Dallas Alder packages and mails your items and makes sure you get your books, interlibrary loans, laptops, or other material in just a few days.

Alayna Eiting manages the quarantine of returned items so we can keep everyone safe and get materials back on the shelf after 7 days and ready for the next patron.

Alex Anderson manages the contactless hold shelf at the Level 1 entrance so you can enter, grab your requested materials and get on your way. It is so efficient; you can take advantage of the free 10-minute parking west of the library.

*This delivery service is available to students, staff, and faculty of the University of Utah.
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