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Celebrating Student Employee Graduates

At any given time of a busy semester, there are roughly 100 students working in the library. One thing that’s for sure, the students who work part-time in the library contribute immensely to the daily operation of the library. These three graduates agreed to be highlighted. Congrats and a heartfelt note of appreciation to all students who have worked to keep the library running! 

Stephanie Palafox  

I’m receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Ecology. After graduation, I’m moving to Seattle to start my career as a city planner and support my partner starting grad school at the University of Washington. In a couple years, I’ll be attending the University of Washington for grad school as well. I worked in the Collections Services department at the Marriot Library. My work mostly consisted of checking in books, reshelving, helping other students navigate the library and completing shelve reading assignments.  

Storey Peacock  

My degree is in economics with a minor in mathematics. I am planning on going to grad school to get my Ph.D. in mathematics. I’ve worked at the digital library for almost four years now, digitizing special collections for the Digital Library. I’ve finished several cool projects, the one I am most proud of is the Lundgren Papers, which are a collection of art and letters a Utah soldier wrote home to his wife during WWII. I am proud to have worked at the library for so long and to have contributed something to make campus better.  

(Storey was also recently featured on Humans of the U)

Lung Hao Tung 

After graduating in 2024 as a master’s student in Software Development, I plan to pursue career opportunities in the tech-related field. Since my middle high school days, I’ve been drawn to working with computers and have been involved in technology ever since. 

Furthermore, I have a passion for helping others, as evidenced by my capstone projects during both my undergraduate and graduate studies, which aimed to assist students in real-life scenarios. One notable project I developed is a mobile app designed to streamline and expedite the graduation process for students. I really enjoyed my time in the School of Computing; it has provided tons of resources, and professors are eager to help students, whether it’s academic or career questions.  

I’m fortunate to be part of the User Experience and Web Development team at the Marriott Library, where I’ve had the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge from my colleagues and supervisors. In addition to learning front-end development, I’ve also been involved in back-end development tasks and collaborating on plugins and content management system components. Furthermore, I’ve gained insights into library operations through resolving e-tickets submitted by library employees. Another type of work I have done is checking every library website to prevent any typos, style issues or buttons navigating to insecure websites. 

In summary, working within the User Experience and Web Development team at the Marriott Library has been amazing. I’ve honed my skills in front-end development and back-end tasks and I’ve gained insights into library operations through resolving e-tickets and ensuring website quality. This diverse experience has equipped me with a well-rounded skill set to tackle various challenges in the future. 

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