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Changes in Media Studios

By Robert Nelson


When you work in a Department entitled Creativity & Innovation, you can imagine that is a fluid environment where new or emerging technologies can be identified. How can the Marriott Library take advantage of early adoption of new tech?

We are currently in a situation that will present new opportunities to investigate and develop services that are moving from aspirational to attainable within the Marriott Library. Within Creativity & Innovation, TJ Ferrill – head of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and 3D Printing: Creative Spaces is moving into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

His assignments are now going to be fulfilled and expanded by Tony Sams. Tony has currently been the Video services person within the sub-unit of Creativity & Innovation called Media Studios. Tony will now be replacing TJ and developing services and research endeavors for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Motion Capture. This is a great use of Tony’s skill sets and exploratory nature implementing new technology into a pedagogical setting.

What does that mean for the current iteration of Media Studios? Media Studios includes the Audio Studio, Video Studio and One Button Studio. I am the Head of the sub-unit. Within Creativity & Innovation we have determined that we will fill the Video gap with myself (scheduling, tours and unmediated access approvals) and our Student, Matt McPherson. Matt will handle Video Studio projects and liaise with users of the One Button Studio.  No changes to the use and projects in the Audio Studio.

In order to expand services into cutting edge, new services we have to have the expertise to implement new tech. With TJ and Tony, we can achieve that expansion without sacrificing services or availability of existing media technologies that we have provided within the Faculty Center for nearly a decade now.

Tony will retain his current office, but will be most likely found in the Digital Matters Lab. (Formerly Course Reserves.)

Any questions, comments or concerns, I would be glad to field:

Robert J. Nelson | Head of Media Studios & Audio Projects Librarian
Creativity & Innovation Services / Media Studios

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