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CharPoles — A Story of Student Entrepreneurial Success

Take a business student’s idea… Add teaching excellence… Add help with design and patenting… And what do you get? CharPoles – an international business founded by student, entrepreneur, and CEO Alex Carr.

CharPoles, a new and innovative ski pole manufacturing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, was the result of a bad day on the slopes. Alex Carr, a business student and skiing enthusiast, was at the top of the mountain with some friends when he realized his bindings were wrong and there was no way to fix the problem. This ruined ski day was what led Alex down the path, along with guidance from the Eccles School of Business and the J. Willard Marriott Library, to his patented ski pole and the beginning of his company, CharPoles. This new video explains the process of his creation and how he was able to utilize the resources of the library through the variety of people who work here, including Dave Morrison, Alfred Mowdood, Erika Church, and others.

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