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Books to Cozy Up with This Winter

As we enter into the winter months, nothing sounds better than a cup of cocoa and a good book to cozy up with. Here are some recommends from librarian Allyson Mower to checkout for winter break.

Grace of Kings by Ken Liu

An award-winning science-fiction fantasy series about an ancient kingdom complete with human spies that fly like birds, epic battles, secret lovers, and deep friendship.

The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennet

This book is a good as everyone says: the plot moves you along so effortlessly it’s as if this story has always meant to be, the twin sisters actions are complicated yet understandable, and Jude redeems them all as one of the best characters who manages life and all its annoying aspects with ease.

At the Center of All Beauty by Fenton Johnson

A wonderful book about solitude and creativity.

Wayfinding by M.R. O’Connor

A great historic and scientific exploration about how humans have found their way over time and how our brains developed because of it.

The Passage by Justin Cronin

A virus-themed epic that’s like three books in one (rivaling Stephen King’s “The Stand) with elements of historical fiction, fantasy, horror, and sci-fi—makes for a very engaging book that will happily take over your reading life this winter.

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