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Exciting Additions to VR Services

An image depicting one of several VR stations available for use in ProtoSpace.

By Tony Sams

Halfway through the fall semester, 2021, VR Services has added some new hardware to the VR Arena. Located on the 2nd floor of the Marriott Library in Protospace (MLIB 2750), the VR Arena now features 8 new walk-up VR stations that are now gaming stations.

First, the addition of 8 new HMD’s to VR Services now brings the total to 26 VR-Ready stations in the library. The new stations have Valve Index HMDs along with NZXT PCs. The new systems in the VR Arena have the next-gen GTX 3070 or 3080 GPUs for some serious processing power.

In addition to the new VR systems, VR Services has added gaming keyboards, mice, and monitors to the PCs in the VR Arena. Each of the 8 systems has a Logitech G Pro Keyboard, Hero G502 mouse, and a 32” LG monitor  (2K, 165Hz, 1ms). Log into your Steam account, or use one of ours, and come and game with us in the Marriott Library.

As always, VR Services offers one-on-one workshops that will help you get started with this exciting new technology.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

(801) 585-9780

Tony Sams | New Media Projects Specialist
Creativity & Innovation Services

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