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Fall 2023 ProtoSpace Events

By TJ Ferrill

Fall 2023 in ProtoSpace at the Marriott Library has been a season of change. Success takes many forms in a flexible and open space such as ProtoSpace, so it can be helpful to look at a few recent highlights to get a sense of what is going on in the space.

The continued partnership with Digital Matters has brought in projects and events that engage audiences in beautiful, challenging, and relevant topics. The recent addition of weekly Doman Innovation Studio events in ProtoSpace has brought a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and makers, inviting rich discussion and collaborative feedback. These sessions are particularly valuable when considering the functional aspects of ProtoSpace: connection, exploration, and feedback are core features of ProtoSpace.

A recent event hosted by ProtoSpace and Digital Matters was the Science Research Initiative’s fall mixer. Intent on combining College of Science freshmen and research faculty, the goal was to get students into research lab positions. This was a lively event that took place on a Friday evening with several hundred in attendance, and resulted in amazing conversations and discussions that lasted throughout.

ProtoSpace is still emerging as a destination, but the last year has involved major changes. The addition of staff offices to the space, the near-completion of the data visualization wall, new chairs and other furniture changes, the addition of the Materials Collection, and the introduction of a comprehensive data collection strategy get us nearer to the goal of maximizing student success and help leadership reflect on what changes should come next.

ProtoSpace and the Marriott Library also benefit from diligent and creative efforts of new leadership. Dean Sarah Shreeves has taken the helm as the Alice Sheets Marriott Dean of Libraries. ProtoSpace benefits from having a leader in the field of student success and engagement driven through responsive and innovative activity at the library. Dean Shreeves, along with other staff and faculty from the Marriott Library recently attended the Designing Libraries Conference, held at the University of Arizona, which is home to one of the most accessible and well equipped library makerspaces around: CATalyst Studios. The visit inspired reflection on the offerings of ProtoSpace and helped to clarify a roadmap to better outcomes to serve our growing student population.

Stay tuned for more development in ProtoSpace. Reach out to the team or just stop by any time the building is open to check things out!

TJ Ferrill | Assistant Head of Creative Spaces
Creativity & Innovation Services / Creative Spaces

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