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5 Ways to Find a Textbook

Fall semester starts soon so why not a quick post about good ways to find a textbook. These tips are not only for students, but also for faculty!


1. Search for Books Using Your Teaching Objectives

You can use the library catalog directly or via Course Materials in Canvas. Then look for elements such as readability, engaging text, and ease-of-access.

2. Find Reviews of the Book

See what others think of the book. Use Gale Book Review Index Plus or even Amazon. You can also check previous course feedback for student ratings on course materials.

3. Get a Copy to Review

Many publishers will send a copy for review purposes. You can also check VitalSource Sampling Platform which provides digital review copies of most textbooks for educators


4. Connect to your Course

Download Mobile U or use to check your Class Schedule for course material notifications.

5. Visit the Campus Store and the library

The Campus Store and the library have special textbook sections

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