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Flags Around the World

This week’s “Map of the Week” presents an artistic visualization of the countries comprising our world and how each flag can be utilized in presenting a thematic map. #MapMonday

Flags Around the World

A cartographic map – simple, elegant, yet possessing the ability to share and visualize information beyond the written narrative. A map has the ability to answer questions and provide insight into ideas and solutions, sharable with audiences far and wide through a thematic presentation. Whether you’re an individual developing your first mapping project or someone interested in expressing information through a world map, this project is a terrific example for getting started.

No matter what geospatial program you use, everything begins with the visualization of all country boundaries and locations found throughout the world. The individual country boundaries can be used as “masks” for expressing information – whether the information be statistical or visual. For this map, flag images were collected to express the unique individuality of each country when filled and presented through a world perspective. By customizing the final output through a program such as Photoshop, a unique representation of our world is presented that simultaneously educates viewers of countries, associated flags, and where everything falls together in the world today.

About Map of the Weeks from GIS Services:

Throughout the Fall 2017 Semester, GIS Services released a series of bi-weekly maps on a variety of topics for the purpose of demonstrating ideas and uses for incorporating geospatial technology into your projects and research. Look forward to new “Map of the Week” releases coming in the Spring 2018 Semester. In the meantime, please visit the GIS Services website to view previous semester map releases and to learn about geospatial projects and services offered through the Marriott Library –

Happy Mapping!

Justin Sorensen | GIS Specialist
Creativity & Innovation Services / GIS Services

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