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5 ways to come up with new research ideas

“Where do ideas come from,” the ultimate question that has no easy answer. One clear response is that they come from ourselves and our connection to the world. They most certainly get informed by what others have come up with before. But how do you know what has come before and how do you know what you might want to explore? Or, how do you when to redirect your research? In this new series from Marriott Library called 5 Ways you’ll get a quick synopsis of tips and how-to’s centered on research, publishing, and scholarly communication.

1. Make time for daily free thinking
Go for a walk, a jog, sit quietly for one or two minutes

2. Observe yourself and others
Ask yourself how you want the world to change, to be better, or understood more

3. Journal your observations
Write one or two lines a day

4. Become a reader
Read a page a day, listen to a journal podcast once a week

5. Find a community
Take a research class; join a research support group, a book club or journal club

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