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How to Support the Library During Giving Day 2024

What is Giving Day?

The University of Utah Giving Day is an annual event that brings together students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends to support various programs and initiatives across the university. It’s a 1,850-minute period of giving where donors have the opportunity to make a difference in areas they are passionate about. Giving Day exemplifies the spirit of philanthropy and community engagement at the U.

Giving Day 2024

In gearing up for 2024 Giving Day on April 2-3, the Marriott Library is focusing efforts on initiatives that directly impact all 35,000 students. From scholarships to academic support and preservation of rare collections, every contribution made on Giving Day fosters a culture of learning and innovation. Donors can give to the following three areas at the Marriott Library:

Marriott Library Student Scholarships:

Education opens doors to a brighter future, yet financial obstacles often hinder students from achieving their academic aspirations. This is where the Marriott Library Student Scholarships step in. Each year, the library grants three scholarships to students employed within the building, aiding them in their academic pursuits. By backing these scholarships, donors not only ease the financial strain on deserving student employees of the Marriott Library, but also invest in their educational success.

Book Arts Academic Student Support:

Our world is dominated by digital media, so the art of bookmaking may seem outdated. However, the Book Arts Program at the Marriott Library is keeping this ancient craft alive and thriving. The launch of the Book Arts emphasis within the Art BFA major marks a milestone, making it the library’s first major. More than a decade in the making, we are thrilled to welcome new and continuing students to deepen their scholarship and makership in the field. The Book Arts Studio is one of the best equipped at any institution in the country, and the U is one of eight institutions to offer designations in Book Arts.

Special Collections:

Special Collections houses rare and unique materials that document the diverse facets of human history and culture. These collections remain a testament to humanity’s enduring legacy of creativity and innovation. Preserving and maintaining these invaluable resources demands constant care and attention. Donors supporting Special Collections safeguard our shared heritage. Their contributions empower researchers to uncover new insights and weave history into a cohesive narrative.

How can I help?

As Giving Day approaches, considering support the J. Willard Marriott Library in its efforts to empower the next generation of scholars, artists, and innovators. Whether it’s through scholarships, academic support, or preserving rare collections, every donation makes a difference.

Give to the Marriott Library this Giving Day here.

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