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Photograph of Dr. David Peterman explains the details of a scanned model.

It’s good to be scanning again!

By TJ Ferrill

Hello, dear readers of the Marriott Library blog! I am T.J. Ferrill, Assistant Head of Creative Spaces.

Creativity & Innovation Services provides access to several 3D scanning technologies, including our Artec Spider, and a NextEngine laser scanner. We can also help you get started with photogrammetry, and provide expertise on the best way to capture many objects in three dimensions. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to every scanning task, it’s always fun and interesting to consider a new challenge and see what tools might work.

For the past several years I have worked with Professor Kathleen Ritterbush in the Department of Geology and Geophysics on various projects related to 3D reconstructions of fossil and rock specimens. Recently we have been joined by visiting scholar Dr. David Peterman, working together to digitize rare and unique ammonites, such as the one we scanned this week. From pre-Columbian art to late-Cambrian fossils, capturing high-resolution 3D models is time consuming, meticulous work, but oh-so rewarding!

Do you have a research project or idea that might benefit from the 3D resources available through the Marriott Library? If so, reach out to me at and let’s start a conversation!

(Image Caption: Dr. David Peterman explains the details of a scanned model. Photo by Dr. Kathleen Ritterbush)

Best wishes to all,


TJ Ferrill | Assistant Head of Creative Spaces
Creativity & Innovation Services / Creative Spaces

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