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Additional subject specialist and contact information can be found at the Subject Specialist main page.

Make sure to visit the main COVID-19 page for updates related to services provided by the library during the coming months.

Shane Wallace

Block U, Honors, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Government Documents

Fun fact:

Shane’s always wanted to follow in the over-sized footprints of his grandfather — who was an early bigfoot hoaxer — so you might know whom to blame if you ever chance across the fabled Wasatchquatch while hiking along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail…

Favorite book of the moment:

Just finishing Paul Tremblay’s A Head Full of Ghosts. Is it great? Maybe not. Am I having fun reading it? Definitely!

Alayna Eiting

Collection Services Coordinator,

Request services, pull and delivery services, general collection maintenance, circulation of library materials. For more information, please visit the Pull and Delivery Services page

Fun Fact:

Outside of the library I also do personal training. Fitness has always been a passion for me, and I am currently taking figure skating lessons. I have been taking lessons for about a year now and I love being out on the ice. I am also working on my Masters in Library Science with a concentration in Archival Studies and Imaging Technology. I’m in my 5th semester, and only have one more to go!

Favorite Books:

Dark Matter – Thriller novel and it is really good! Kept me on my toes with every page.

The Witcher Series- Fantasy genre, I read the whole series and it was awesome!

Currently reading The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring– I love the movies, and the book so far is great, especially getting all the details left out of the movies.

Sara Perkins

Collection Services Supervisor,

Sara Perkins manages the circulating collection and pulls items for patrons from our more than 50 miles of shelving.

Fun Fact:

Sara enjoys knitting and sewing, and watching movies that are so bad they’re good. She is also an avid hiker and enjoys exploring the incredible outdoors that we are so lucky to be surrounded by here in Utah.

Favorite Books:

Little House in the Big Woods and Brave New World

Anne Morrow

Head of Digital Scholarship Services,

Fun Fact:

I am an avid gardener. When I moved into my house over twenty years ago there wasn’t any landscaping, just grass. Over the years I’ve added many trees, conifers, and perennials. A few years ago I decided to put a pond in my backyard. Today the pond is the permanent home to a handful of goldfish. The pond gets a variety of wildlife visiting year-round.

Another love of mine is travel. This photo was taken in Cusco, Peru. Sitting at an elevation of over 11,000 feet above sea level, travelers to Machu Picchu will frequently pass through Cusco on their way to MP.  Recently I’ve been spending holidays visiting Southeast Asia. I’ve especially enjoyed visiting Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Justin Sorensen

Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) Specialist – Creativity & Innovation Services, GIS Services,

Visit the GIS page to schedule an appointment with Justin for GIS assistance and to find the latest updates on projects and services offered by GIS Services.

Fun Fact:

In my free time, I’m an avid hiker and outdoors photographer. I love hiking in our beautiful mountains and exploring new areas, all while capturing and sharing photos of the amazing views nature has to offer. Utah is such an amazing place and I honestly can’t imagine living anywhere else…maybe that’s why I’m known as the Utah Hiking Man on Instagram.

Daureen Nesdill

Research Data Management Librarian, administrator for Labarchives and the DMPTool, teaches workshops on managing research and creating posters, data management library guides, assists researchers with submitting their data and documentation to The Hive: University of Utah Research Data Repository, contact.

Fun fact:

My first professional position was as an animal technologist in the Berson Research Lab at the Bronx VAMC. My supervisor was Roslyn S. Yalow, winner of the 1977 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. I became allergic to my animals and entered graduate school to study chemical and behavioral ecology, i.e. the nut burial behavior of gray squirrels. An assistantship in the campus library paid my way and eventually I realized librarianship was my future.

Favorite book of the moment:

I’m reading two books at the moment. The first is The Tubman Command by Elizabeth Cobbs where I’m learning that Harriet Tubman was a spy for the Union. The second is Dark Money by Jane Mayer where I’m learning how the Koch brothers obtained their fortune by building oil refineries for Hitler and Stalin.

Alfred Mowdood

Head of Faculty Services,

Fun fact:

I grew up in Northeast Ohio and I remember when the Edmund Fitzgerald went down and the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area was created. During college, I worked at Blossom Music Center and saw great music such as Miles Davis, Roger Waters, the Pretenders, and the amazing violins of the Cleveland Orchestra. I love the outdoors and tennis. 

I came to Utah during the Andre Miller years and have been a library liaison with the Health Sciences LEAP program for decades. I have worked closely with the College of Health and have created research guides or guest lectured in classes for undergraduate and graduate students.  I have worked with special outreach programs including groups of eighth graders who came to the U for a summer program and subsequently graduated with undergraduate and professional degrees. I am avid fan of Utah Athletics and have followed Utah Tennis for many years.  Since 2017, I have served as Utah’s representative to the Patent and Trademark Resource Center. I have been blessed to provide library support, teach and learn from many students, staff, faculty, and alumni.  

Darby Fanning

Graduate & Undergraduate Services Librarian, Linguistics, Russian & Slavic Languages, EAS Program,

Fun Fact:

Darby has an insatiable wanderlust! This probably began due to the fact that she attended 13 schools in four different states by the time she graduated from high school in Florida, which is where she is from. Go Gators! She has lived on four continents and speaks several languages. Darby has been fortunate in being able to support first-year students and international students in their research, critical thinking, and overall acculturation to a new culture and academic culture. Education and deep, intellectual exploration are what she values most.

Favorite book: Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov (written in the USSR between 1928 and 1940)
This novel is considered one of the most biting commentaries through satire of the regime that morphed over time from the Bolshevik Revolution through the reign of Stalin. Literature is a social document and we see history repeat itself time and time again, so if you decide to read this book, indulge in some pre-reading before you begin to understand the context of everything within it. As you do that and read the book, you will see how applicable this novel is to understand current political events and philosophical tenets we see in life today.

Check out this YouTube video about the book and check the book out!

Allyson Mower

Head of Scholarly Communication & Copyright,

Fun Fact:

I’m always waiting for the next grand epic: a novel by Geraldine Brooks, a film like Lawrence of Arabia, or hiking to the top of Snowbird.

Liz Rogers

Assistant Head, Curator of Manuscripts, Special Collections,

Fun Fact:

Liz was in a French film about Everett Ruess as one of the commentators.

La disparition d’Everett Ruess DVD | Emmanuel Tellier

A stunning documentary film on the life and disappearance of canyon country legend Everett Ruess, who vanished in Southern Utah in 1934 at the age of 20. Emmanuel Tellier is a well-known cultural journalist in France, as well as a musician with a long career. He fell in love with Southern Utah when he first visited in 2013 with his family and decided to self-produce this.

Lorelei Rutledge

Faculty Services Librarian,

Lorelei provides support for students, staff and faculty in multiple departments, and colleges, including the Communication Sciences and Disorders department, the Center for Disability Access and the David Eccles School of Business. She can also help with using EndNote to organize citations.

Fun fact:

Lorelei loves playing Dungeons and Dragons! Her current character is Borag, an orange grung, which is a type of frog person. She also loves reading fantasy and science fiction novels.

Greg Hatch

Head of Creativity & Innovation Services,

Performing arts librarian specializing in theatre, dance, and film & media arts. Also available to discuss research visualization tools.

Fun fact:

I come from a HUGE family! My dad is 1 of 10 children, and my mom is 1 of 17 children. I have just two siblings, but we have 73 first cousins. Having that many cousins meant I never lacked friends as a kid. That many relatives also meant we could play round-robin volleyball tournaments at family reunions!

My love of volleyball continues today. I play indoor and grass volleyball weekly (when we’re not in a viral pandemic!), I was a high school volleyball referee, and I’ve been a season subscriber to the U Volleyball team since 2006. Go Utes!

Favorite book:

My favorite book is actually a play: Arcadia, by Tom Stoppard. The script covers topics ranging from poetry to landscape architecture to mathematics, and does it with a well-crafted narrative, engaging characters, and witty dialogue. I had the pleasure of working on a production at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival 25 years ago, and I never tired of seeing the show over-and-over-and-over again.

Allie McCormack

Original Cataloger for Special Collections,

Allie writes the library catalog records for many of the rare books, archival collections, and other special collections materials in the Marriott Library. This involves a lot of research, and she enjoys getting to learn something new every day.

Fun fact:

Allie started playing classical violin at age 6 but switched to Irish fiddle in college. Before the coronavirus shutdown, she was a regular at Irish music sessions throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

Favorite book:

Allie is an avid consumer of science fiction and fantasy novels and rarely reads anything twice. One of the few exceptions is the wonderfully silly Another Fine Mythby Robert Asprin, which has been a constant companion since she first raided her father’s bookshelves.

Rebekah Cummings

Digital Matters Librarian, Digital Humanities, Data Management, Pre-Law LEAP, Philosophy Liaison,

Fun fact:

Prior to returning to “real” life and becoming a librarian, I was a certifiable snowboard bum living in Mammoth Lakes, CA. For almost a decade, I worked in ski and snowboard sales for Dakine, 32 snowboard boots, Signal snowboards, and Etnies shoes before getting my master’s degree in library and information science and finding my true love of helping people find information.

Dale Larsen

Graduate & Undergraduate Services Librarian, LEAP, Social Work, Sociology, Communication,

Fun Fact:

Dale has had a fear of dogs for most of his life and in the past few years has actively researched why and practiced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to overcome the phobia.  Dale has discovered there are many delightful dogs in the world, and their people are rather nice, too.  Learn More HERE

Favorite book: Dinerstein, J. (2017). The origins of cool in postwar America

Luke Leither

Assistant Head, Fine Arts and Architecture Library,

Fun fact:

When I graduated from college I moved to Utah and worked as a wilderness guide for two years. I spent hundreds of days sleeping outside and was sure I would never have a career that required me to work indoors. Things changed!

Favorite book: Shogun by James Clavell. This would be a great one to read during quarantine. It is quite long and does a wonderful job of immersing the reader into the fascinating culture of 12th century Japan.

Robert Behra

Juvenile (K-12/YA) Literature, microforms, library catalog, and general reference foreign language

Fun Fact:

Although I’ve worked in libraries for 38 years (19 at the Marriott), I’ve been doing genealogical research for 50 years!

Mary Ann James

Electronic Resources Manager,

Fluent in databases across all subjects and ready to assist with advanced search and navigation. Also contact Mary Ann with questions about streaming video and database access.

Fun Fact:

My Great Great Great Grandfather is Orson Spencer, the first president of the University of Deseret, what was to become the University of Utah.

Tony Sams

Video Studio Specialist Creativity and Innovation Services,

Fun fact:

When I am not supporting students, staff, and faculty in the Marriott Library, I am a PSIA ski instructor at Deer Valley and a NICA mountain bike coach for Park City HS.

Favorite book of the moment:

The Adventurer’s Son By Roman Dial

Tallie Casucci

Assistant Librarian Liaison to College of Health, Biomedical Engineering, and Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE). Specializes in biomedical & health research, systematic & scoping reviews, evidence-based practice, medical innovation, and patent searching,

Fun Fact:

Tallie spends most of her free time rock climbing. Tallie’s annual goal is 100 days of climbing outside. Tallie brings her climbing interests to work through collection development and a few climbing-related research projects, including this 1U4U project!

Additional subject specialist and contact information can be found at:

Make sure to visit for updates related to services provided by the library during the coming months.

Marie Paiva

Graduate & Undergraduate Services Librarian, Psychology, Economics, Anthropology, Asian Studies,

Fun Fact:

In my pre-librarian days, I worked as a research assistant on a bat study, studying sonar of little brown bats and Jamaican bats in the Midwest. I began by getting rabies shots and ended up with a bat collector’s permit. Duties were varied from bat feeding and care to bat flying experiments. Here’s a film recommendation from Films on Demand database, highlighting bats and other nice animals in nature.

Insect Hunters: David Attenborough’s Life of Mammals” Video (49:38)

Marie’s interests include libraries, travel photography, travel, and of course, reading and independent films.

Adriana Parker

Beacon Scholars, School of Cultural and Social Transformation (Gender Studies and Ethnic Studies)

Fun Fact:

Adriana used to play classical violin (for about twenty years), and, at one point, she was in a mariachi.

  • Dr. R. Wayne Pace
    Posted at 21:44h, 22 April Reply

    I deposit materials to the R. Wayne Pace Papers on a regular basis. I have some materials that I would like to have you examine for possible deposit. How could I arrange for an appointment to bring seven boxes of materials for you to examine. I live in St. George and the materials are currently stored in Coalville. Sometime in May, I would like to bring the materials to the library for review.

    • Marriott Library
      Posted at 22:31h, 22 April Reply

      Hello Dr. Pace!

      We will forward your message to the correct person and they will contact you to coordinate further. Thank you so much!

      – Jordan H.

    • Judy Jarrow
      Posted at 20:43h, 18 September Reply

      Dr. Pace, the library can now receive collections delivered to the dock area of the library. The dock is open Mon, Wed, Fri from 10-4. Please contact Liz Rogers when you are ready to bring in the material. she can be reached at or by phone at 801-581-3076.
      We look forward to adding the new material to your archive.

    Posted at 17:22h, 26 January Reply

    I’d like to know more about a career as a librarian. Will someone be at the Career Fair to speak to about this or is there anyone willing to speak with me about this? I’m 46 and in a PhD program at the U, but would like to work at an academic library. Can any of you help a girl out?

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