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Library Head of Scholarly Communication & Copyright Publishes New Book

With increasing changes in technology and other library spaces, questions of copyright and fair use can rise with them. Allyson Mower, Head of Scholarly Communication & Copyright, has published a new book to address these new questions, especially in a library space. Her book, Copyright Policies and Workflows in Libraries, helps answer and address those concerns in a concise, direct manner. “Knowing how to create and implement copyright policies will make it much easier to address the copyright situations that come up in your library,” explained Mower. “Librarians and those who work in libraries can use this book to get good information and practical advice on both copyright basics and policies.”

“This is a must-read for anyone who has to craft and implement copyright policies in a variety of situations,” according to Donna L. Ferullo, J.D., director and professor, University Copyright Office, Purdue University. The book is set to release in July 2020, but can be pre-ordered online.

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