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How can the Marriott Library Help U During Finals?

By Aislin Pyper

The Marriott Library consists of several different areas for either personal or group study spaces. During the stressful weeks of finals, spaces are louder and more crowded than ever before. With the study spaces within the library, you will be able to study individually or in a group without much interruption and distraction.

Study rooms can be reserved with the following link:

Need to do further research to prepare for finals? Visit the course reserve on level 3 to checkout a textbook for up to three days. The course reserve allows you to be able to prepare for finals without the cost of renting or purchasing textbooks to study.

Stay in shape during finals! Studies show that stress can make individuals gain weight. Not only will using the active workstations on level 3 help you stay in shape, but it will also help relieve stress and help you focus better.

Looking for a quick snack and coffee to get you through studying? Check out Mom’s Café for beverages, (coffee, hot chocolate, energy drinks, and soft drinks) snacks, (chips, energy bars, fruit, etc.) and even more to enjoy during your hours of study. With yummy food and friendly staff, your experience at Mom’s Café will get you through finals.

Finals week is nothing short of stressful. The Marriott Library knows that even though studying for your finals is important, it’s even more important to relieve your stress and find a time to take a break. Take a break with the Marriott Library by joining us during Stress Buster Week. There are many activities planned including Therapy Animals, Super Smash Bros, an escape room, and even donuts.
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