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Marriott Library Purchases with Endowment Funds – 2023

This funding cycle was all about the books!  Thank you to the generous donors who created endowments that provide for the acquisition of library materials.

  • American Mathematical Society’s Graduate Studies in Mathematics 2019-2022: This monographic series is designed for graduate studies and is commonly used in course reading lists. Each series year includes 6-10 volumes, and the library recently acquired ebooks for 2019-2022. The library has physical copies of most, but not all, of the earlier volumes (1993-2018). These ebooks will support teaching faculty and graduate students working on theses and dissertations. The library owns these ebooks in perpetuity.  
  • Oxford University Press’s Handbooks Online Psychology Collection: Oxford handbooks provide authoritative and up-to-date surveys of original research in a particular subject area. They are updated regularly and include peer-reviewed commissioned essays from leading figures on the progress and direction of debates and the foundation for future research. The library now provides access to all 229 handbooks in the Psychology collection (previous holdings included 15 titles). The Psychology handbooks support mental health research, scholarship, and practice and are especially important for faculty, staff, and students in the social sciences. The library owns the collection in perpetuity.  
  • Popular Fiction and Non-fiction Books: Over 500 popular physical titles have been added to the collection. As part of the library’s browsing collection (currently integrated into the general stacks), these books promote the Library as Place and supplement our primary role as a teaching and research facility. Titles are published between 2022-2023 and can be found in many best-of, must-read, and popular award lists.  
  • Cambridge University Press’s Evidenced-Based Acquisition (EBA) Program: EBAs are an ebook access and purchase model, where libraries are provided access to an extensive collection of ebooks by a given publisher/vendor for a selected period (typically 12 months). At the end of the period, libraries analyze usage and other data to make informed decisions about what to acquire perpetually. The Cambridge EBA will open over 43,000 ebooks to library users from August 1, 2023, to July 31, 2024, or longer if the agreement is renewed. All titles are free of digital rights management (DRM) software, licensed for unlimited users, and can be found in the library’s catalog. Ebooks in the Cambridge EBA span all disciplines and include publisher collections such as Books for Research, Cambridge Elements, Cambridge Library Collection, Coursebooks, Legacy Textbooks, and Silverberg’s Principles. At the end of the EBA period, the library will acquire around 530 titles in perpetuity. The Cambridge EBA will run with three other EBAs this fiscal year: Project MUSE, Oxford University Press, and Wiley. 
  • Bloomsbury’s Open Collections for African Studies and International Development: Bloomsbury is a publisher of adult, children, and academic books. By investing in Bloomsbury’s Open Collections program, the library will support the open access publication of 20 frontlist ebook titles in African Studies and International Development and gain access to the subjects’ backlist titles (194 titles in total) for one year. The frontlist titles will be published between March 2024 and February 2025, and backlist access will begin in March 2024. African Studies titles span subjects such as history, art, literature, film, politics, religion, conflict and peace, decolonization, migration, business, and gender. International Development titles span economics, policy, climate change, gender, health, human rights, humanitarian aid, poverty, race, and labor. 
  • Oxford University Press’s Very Short Introductions: The Very Short Introductions (VSIs) series offers concise and original introductions to various subjects. Each volume provides an authoritative assessment of a concept, field, or body of work, drawing out central ideas, themes, and approaches. Three hundred forty-eight physical VSIs have been added to the library’s current collection (which previously consisted of 160 titles). All the recently purchased VSIs have been published within the last ten years and span all disciplines. VSIs are often incorporated into courses, are easily consumable for undergraduate students, and serve as an excellent snapshot for the busy graduate student and researcher.  
  • Charles S. Peirce: Writings and Published Works: Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914) founded American pragmatism. He wrote voluminously on various topics, including mathematics, mathematical logic, physics, geodesy, spectroscopy, astronomy, psychology, anthropology, history, and economics. The library acquired ebook versions of The Writings of Charles S. Peirce – A Chronological Edition and Charles Sanders Peirce: Published Works I. These collections are part of the Past Masters Full Text Humanities database and can be found in the library’s catalog. The library previously owned some physical titles of these collections, but the ebook versions will make searching these titles easier for students and researchers. The library owns these ebooks in perpetuity. 
  • Springer Nature Ebooks: This important update to the library’s Springer monograph collection adds 22 ebooks of various types, including general interest, textbooks, handbooks, proceedings, an encyclopedia, and other monographs. The ebooks can be found in the catalog and within the SpringerLink database. These interdisciplinary ebooks will support students and researchers in engineering, social and behavioral science, and other disciplines. The library owns these ebooks in perpetuity.  
  • Bloomsbury’s Nick Hern Collection Update: This collection contains hundreds of titles from specialist theatre publisher Nick Hern. The title list of plays includes works by many of the UK and Ireland’s pre-eminent playwrights and emerging writers. It also has many translated foreign works. The library initially purchased the Nick Hern collection in Spring 2017; this purchase adds five additional years of published content. Some titles are also available in the library’s print holdings. These ebooks will support students and researchers in theatre and English. The library owns these ebooks in perpetuity. 
  • Environmental Humanities Books: Nearly 200 physical books published from 2018-2023 were purchased to support study and research in environmental humanities. Subjects include alternative transportation, biodiversity, citizen engagement and participation, climate change mitigation, conflict management, conservation, desertification, design, ecocriticism, ecofeminism, ecolinguistics, environment and ecology in literature, the effect of environmental degradation on human beings, emigration and immigration issues, endangered species, energy conservation, energy policy, environmental advocacy, environmental economics, environmental education, environmental ethics, environmental justice , environmental leadership, environmental psychology, environmental responsibility, food security, globalization, housing policy, interdisciplinary education, international cooperation, land tenure, marine ecosystems, masculinity and the environment, mass media and the environment, mindfulness, philosophical anthropology, philosophy and science, pollution, religion and the environment, restoration ecology, social action, social justice, sustainability , sustainable development, sustainable living, traditional and indigenous ecology, and wilderness. 
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