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New Board Game Collection Available!

We are excited to announce the opening of a brand new collection: board games! All board games can be found on level 2 in the Protospace and can be used throughout the library. TJ Ferrill, Assistant Head of Creative Spaces, has been one of the lead coordinators on this project and bringing it to life. “The primary purpose for the collection is to facilitate learning experiences for those who study narrative, gameplay design, and game interactions,” explained Ferrill. He imagines that many different studies will benefit from the collection including those in EAE, Fine Arts, and English departments. “Students in game development are often expected to play board games in addition to developing their own, so this collection will create access to titles they might otherwise have to purchase on their own.”

In addition to academic uses, students are more than welcome to use board games for leisure purposes as well. In fact, there is an upcoming event on April 17th from 12:00 PM until 3:00 PM in the Gould Auditorium where students can meet to play games and even compete in a 10 minutes escape room for prizes!

Max Hartley, a student employee in the Protospace, with two of his favorite games, "Scythe" and "Settlers of Catan".

The collection itself isn’t circulating which means they can’t be taken outside of the library, but they can be played anywhere in the library such as the atrium on level 3 or even Protospace area itself. Also be sure to take a look at the containers in some of the games as they have been 3D printed right here in the library.

Containers of game pieces
Several containers to house the game pieces of "Spirit Island" were printed using the library's 3D printers.

For questions about the board game collection or to make a suggestion for a future addition, contact TJ Ferrill through email or 801-587-2930.

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