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Access Textbooks through Course Reserves

Need a textbook? Check out the Open Reserve collection to find textbooks right at your fingertips!

An Open Reserve model utilizes open shelving to allow free access to course materials and to aid in the discovery of related materials. Rather than holding course materials behind a desk or in a locked area (a closed reserve model), students can browse freely in the Open Reserve collection. Items can either be used within the library, scanned, or some check out for overnight use.

The Reserve collection is available on the third floor of the library in the southwest corner of the Student Living Room. Also moving to the Student Living Room are the ever-popular free book scanners.  As one of the library’s busiest spaces, this brings textbooks and course materials right to the hotspot of library activity.

Instructors can determine whether the materials for their course should be non-circulating, meaning it can only be used within the library, or should check out for 24 hours or 3 days. To accommodate the new usage of our collection of course materials, the Reserve staff are working hard to purchase additional copies, update reading lists, and ensure materials are available to the most
students possible. If you don’t see the material you need, Suggest a Purchase.

Reserve staff are available for assistance in the Level 3 Collection Services suite (Room 3200).
You can also call 801-581-6049 or email
More info can be found here.
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