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New Library Produced Podcast – Ascent Archive: Oral Histories with Rock Climbers

Tallie Casucci, librarian, rock climber, and now oral historian, teamed up with Rachel Wittmann, librarian and podcast lover, to create a podcast of oral histories hosted by the J. Willard Marriott Digital Library.

The Ascent Archive: Interviews with Rock Climbers podcast features oral histories collected by Tallie Casucci, called the Rock Climbers Oral History Project along with other oral histories from the American West Center’s Everett Cooley Oral History Project.  This podcast focuses on interviews with rock climbers and mountaineers and is an innovative approach to make oral histories more accessible and easier to listen on-the-go or at faster speeds.

Episodes are available through the Ascent Archive Podcast: Interviews with Rock Climbers website. The podcast can also be found on all major podcast platforms including Apple, Google, Spotify, and more!

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