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New One Button Studio Video Tutorial

By Robert Nelson

The One Button Studio is the easiest way to create a video and it’s available to any student, staff, or faculty member. It has been in service since the beginning of Fall Semester. In order to further increase accessibility, a new 51 second video tutorial on how to use the One Button Studio was created. The video was provided by Media Studios Student Assistant, Austin Bingham, and the audio was provided by Media Studios Librarian Robert Nelson. Interested in using the One Button Studio? Schedule a time using the resource calendar.

Please send any comments or questions to Robert Nelson.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Insert flash drive.
  2. Touch the “Turn Lights On” tile on the computer screen. Lights will come on.
  3. Touch “Start Camera”. Camera will begin filming.
  4. When finished, stop the camera from the screen.
  5. Turn off the lights from the screen.
  6. File writes to the flash drive as an “.mp4”.
  7. Don’t have a digital device with a USB slot? Please go to either the Media Editing computers in ProtoSpace (Level 2) or a computer in the Knowledge Commons (Level 2) to offload the .mp4 onto cloud storage like UBox, Dropbox or Google Drive.
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