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Podcast Booth – Coming Soon!

A drawing depicting the new podcast recording booth to be installed at the Marriott Library.

By Robert Nelson

In the Summer of 2019, Creativity & Innovative Services, working with Student Computing Services, was able to acquire two additional One Button Studios. The One Button Studio (OBS) is the very popular, student scheduled, media production room. The thought was to expand capacity by placing two modular booths within Protospace on Level 2.

Then Covid hit, shutting everything down from mid-March to mid-August. After some fits and starts, OBS 2 and 3 were taken off the scheduler for a reset. The plan is to convert another Librarian office to replicate OBS 1.

OBS 3 is in the process of being converted into a Podcast Booth. Podcasting generally takes place in the Faculty Center. I, as Head of Media Studios, directly manage the Audio Studio. Current Covid imposed restrictions have made it more difficult to record podcasts there. Plus, the potential podcasters have to match their schedule to mine in order to record.

The modular OBS 2 and 3 are actually called Vocal Booths. Why not replicate for audio what worked so well with video? A student scheduled place, located in a public as opposed to staff area, where audio can be simply recorded and exported for podcast assignments or personal enrichment.

Podcast Booth

  • Soundproof space to record podcasts and other audio
  • Table with up to 3 chairs
  • Unid authenticated computer
  • Tripod mounted and secured Snowball condenser microphone
  • Audacity recording software

Podcaster schedules a time for the Podcast Booth, logs into the computer, clicks a desktop icon to call up Audacity, hit the red record button, spacebar to stop recording, export .mp3 to file sharing site of choice.

We hope to have this new service employed before the end of Spring Semester 2021.

Robert Nelson | Head of Media Studios
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