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Podcasting in the One Button Studio

By Tony Sams

Podcasting is becoming more popular than ever and the Marriott Library has several great resources to help you create professional sounding files for any project. From checking out audio recording devices from the Knowledge Commons to recording in the Audio or Video studios the library gives you all the tools you need to create, edit, and publish podcasts.

There is another not-so-obvious solution to podcasting in the library. The One Button Studio (OBS) in the Dumke Fine Arts and Architecture Library (2nd Floor-MLIB 2500B) offers a fully automated solution for podcasting. The studio records all media with both audio and video tracks but exporting an audio track can be accomplished in a few extra steps.

  • Open QuickTime Player (also located on any iMac in the library)
  • Under the FILE menu select EXPORT and AUDIO ONLY
  • Choose a NAME and LOCATION for the exported file
  • QuickTime exports an audio file in MP3 format

The MP3 file can be opened or imported into almost any application to create podcasts.

Here are a few tips to get you started using the One Button Studio for podcasting

  • Schedule ahead of time! You can schedule the OBS for 60 minutes at a time and up to 10 days in advance
  • Ignore the video camera, it does not matter
  • Sit in front of the microphone (please do not move it)
  • Sit up straight when recording
  • Any paper ruffling used for recording notes will show up on the sound file
  • Always record at least 30 seconds of room noise by sitting quietly in the same position after

For more help please visit the One Button Studio’s website or contact us for a walkthrough.


Tony Sams | New Media Projects Specialist
Creativity & Innovation Services / Media Studios

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