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Rare Books Digital Exhibition — Enquiring Minds

Humans have been compiling information to answer an infinity of questions for thousands of years. From Ptolemy to Izaak Walton, the best minds have annotated, edited, translated, measured, arranged, and defined what it means to live a life of wonder.

From facsimiles of medieval encyclopedias, almanacs and atlases to first editions of fifteenth through twentieth century dictionaries, manuals, lexicons, compendiums, and directories, Rare Books celebrates questions and the attempts to answer them.

Will I need sunglasses on this trip?


Where do camels live?


What do palm trees look like?


How far apart should I plant my cherry trees?


Why does this piece of music make me feel sad?

Take a virtual stroll through our digital exhibition, Enquiring Minds, to discover books that answer these questions and more.

And keep on asking!

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