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Challenge: Read a Book for Collective Action

The University of Utah announced earlier this month that March 22nd, 2022 they will host a Day of Collective Action. According to the announcement, “This Day of Collective Action is a campus-wide moment of reflection and action designed to propel our collective goal to create an inclusive community forward. This month, especially, is a time for us to reflect on this history and recognize the significant contributions of Black individuals and communities in our society.”

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March 22, 2022, Noon

Email for the zoom invite

The J. Willard Marriott Library invites you to join us in reading a book recommendation from some of the amazing panelists we’ve had over the past few years. Whether it’s a comic book recommend or a book about the Black experience in Utah, there’s a wide variety of materials on these lists.

Join us in reading a recommendation (or watching if it’s a movie) and share what you chose on social media. Tag us (@marriottlibrary) in a selfie with the item and we’ll share it in our feed. Join the library for this reading challenge and be sure to participate in other campus activities and workshops planned that day.

Below are the full videos of each of the aforementioned panel events along with a link to their campus guide that has each of the full list of recommendations with links to their checkout pages.

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