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Requesting updates to digital library items

Over the past several years, we have had users contact us when they have additional information about an item that could be added to the metadata that is used to discover items in our digital library or if they notice an issue with a particular file. These requests have been submitted using various means, including emails, chat reference, in person, and comments on surveys.

In order to standardize the way our users submit these types of requests, we have implemented a form that will be linked on every item in our digital library the let us know if there is a problem or if you have more information that would be good to include in the item’s metadata. You can find a link to this form (“Update item information”) directly above the item’s metadata. When you click that link, it will open a new tab to the form and it includes information about the item that you were viewing so we can easily identify what item needs to be updated.

We are also working on implementing a variation of this form in specific collections which would allow users to also request a reproduction of the archival file(s). This will hopefully make it easier to get access to the archival files for specific items that are needed for personal use or distribution. These types of requests will be sent directly to collection managers in the Marriott Library Special Collections so they can work with the users on getting any necessary permissions for using the items.

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