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Stories of Reading and Not Reading In Utah

By Allyson Roylance

Some people love to read, some people hate to read.  But at, no one is judging. This site simply wants to gather stories, either way. Allyson Mower, Head of Scholarly Communication & Copyright, and Elyse Stoedter, a former employee, have collaborated with Digital Scholarship services to create the website Stories of Reading and Not Reading in Utah.

This site aims to gather, share, and archive experiences of reading and not reading in Utah.  Anyone can share their story about how reading has affected their lives, whether negatively or positively.  In every corner of this state, someone has been impacted by book, magazine, article, or perhaps they have been impacted by choosing not to read anything at all. Reading is an activity that can be very personal and is unique to each individual, and we want to hear how reading and not reading have affected lives here in Utah.

To share your story about reading and not reading, go to and click on the Share Your Story tab on the left of the screen. Fill out the survey and check out the story archive and see how other people experience reading.

Monthly coffee hours called "Unrequired Reading" are hosted to introduce students to new book recommends in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Participation is completely voluntary and shared stories are anonymous, unless you choose to include your name.  The site also includes upcoming Reading Clubs at the Marriott Library.  Find out what is being read and what kind of reading clubs might interest you!

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