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Student Library Employees Receive Scholarships

Because of the generosity of our donors, the library is able to award scholarships to our students who work part-time in the library. Meet the latest recipients.

Edwin started at the U in the fall of 2015, after completing his general education requirements through Salt Lake Community College. An avid cello player, Edwin applied to the U’s Music Education program and was delighted when he learned he had been accepted. In addition to his work here in the library’s security department, Edwin also teaches cello to children.

“I grew up in libraries checking out books and CD’s and therefore I have a strong affection for libraries in general,” says Edwin. “When I received the library scholarship, it really made me realize how much the Marriott Library has been an important part of my life as a student and how much I enjoy being a part of the library’s team.”


Edwin Brown, Library Security, Library Scholarship

John is in his junior year, a business major with an emphasis in marketing. He began working in the library’s security department the summer of 2014, before he started as a freshman, which gave him a leg up in getting acquainted with the U campus. John says he likes working in security because he’s able to work with people from all different backgrounds and he enjoys the sense of community in the patrons and the staff.

And the questions John gets when he’s on the desk really keep him thinking. “We get lots of patron questions, but the phone calls are sometimes the most interesting,” says John.  He relays a moment when a student called wanting help with a trigonometry equation over the phone. “Math isn’t my major, but I was able to get online and walk the student through the math problem.” It’s this kind of customer service that makes our student team stand out.


John Guldner, Library Security, Library Scholarship

Brady is a senior who will graduate in the spring of 2017 with a major in Economics and a minor in Business. He is interested in working to advance the economic wellbeing of developing countries. In his last semester here at the U, Brady will be taking a class called “Applied Economics in the Community” which will entail volunteering in a nonprofit organization.

“I was very grateful and honored to be chosen for the J. Elaine Broadbent scholarship. In my submission I entered an essay regarding the history of Lewis and Clark, because it was one of Elaine Broadbent’s favorite subjects. I learned a great deal and came away with plenty of respect and admiration for the famous duo in writing it. I would like the Broadbent family to know I am thankful for their donation and contributing to my final year in college here at the U.”


Brady Nelson, Library Security, Broadbent Scholarship

Eli grew up in the Salt Lake Valley and attended Snow College before transferring to the U in 2014. A major in Anthropology, Eli is minoring in Environmental Sciences and Sustainability and he’s also completing a certificate in Geospatial Information Systems. He is toying with the idea of grad school after he receives his bachelor degree in 2018.

“I really enjoy helping students who are new to campus,” explains Eli. “When freshmen first start it can be overwhelming for them. It feels good to be able to help them find their way through the library and provide that extra level of customer service.”


Eli Schroeder, Library Security, Emeritus Librarian Scholarship




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