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Supporting Innovation through Librarian Connections

Two University of Utah Health professors, Thomas (Wade) Fallin and Bellamkonda Kishore, M.D., Ph.D., were recently named Senior Members by the National Academy of Inventors. The Marriott Library congratulates these two on their accomplishments and is proud to have helped support their research. More specifically, librarian Tallie Casucci works with Fallin and the engineers at the Louis S. Peery, M.D. Orthopaedic Innovation Center (LSP OIC). Casucci recounts, “Over the years, I frequently chatted over [Microsoft] Teams and emailed with OIC colleagues about industry standards and databases beyond PubMed for their work (e.g. Embase, BCC Research). When OIC hired a new employee, they immediately would reach out for a virtual library tour of resources and services relevant to their work.”

While librarians connected the OIC team to library resources, the OIC team was a key partner in trialing multiple biomedical, engineering, and business databases. “Their feedback was key in broadening campus access to innovation resources, such as TechStreet Enterprise for accessing industry standards campus-wide and PatSnap for evaluating the patent landscape,” explained Casucci.

Beyond assessing trial databases, the OIC is always willing to help. A few months ago, Casucci met a student who was graduating this semester and interested in companies somewhat relevant to OIC’s work. “I asked OIC for company recommendations for the student,” she describes. “Fortunately, one employee had previously worked at a company in the student’s field of interest, so I was able to introduce them. It’s really fun to see those connections.”

In addition to library resources and services, Casucci frequently refers faculty to other campus resources, such as VPR initiatives, Cores, CTSI, & the Center for Teaching Excellence. She also introduces people to other faculty for potential collaborations. “I enjoy helping people locate the best resources for their project. If you spend over 20 or 30 minutes searching and you can’t find articles, just reach out. It’s not an inconvenience – just ask! I’m a searching and database nerd.”

University of Utah Health professors Thomas (Wade) Fallin
University of Utah Health professors Thomas (Wade) Fallin
Tallie Casucci, Associate Librarian,
Tallie Casucci, Associate Librarian,
The first page of the recent patent application by OIC.
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