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The History of World Series Final Game Venues (1903 – 2018)

An interactive map depicting venues of World Series final games.

By Justin Sorensen

It’s that time of year again…time for the World Series! Beginning in 1903, the World Series became an annual event (with the exceptions of 1904 and 1994) where the top teams in Major League Baseball battle it out to prove who the best truly is. The games themselves take place at multiple venues throughout the country, often trading off between the home fields of each competing team during the series games. For this week’s Map Monday release, I thought it would be interesting to examine where the final games of each World Series took place and demonstrate how GIS can be utilized as a storytelling tool.

The History of World Series Final Game Venues (1903-2018)

A key resource for developing this project was the Story Map applications available through ArcGIS Online. Story Map applications can be thought of as digital storytelling tools with a geospatial context, allowing you to combine interactive maps with text and multiple types of multimedia in a way that expresses an informative story. ArcGIS Online offers several forms of Story Map applications ranging from formal project presentations to simple chronological applications.

For this project, a spreadsheet was developed containing information on each final game of the World Series including dates, locations, coordinates, teams, games played, venues, and multimedia. The spreadsheet data is then transformed into an interactive mapping visualization using GIS software where information about each World Series game displays on demand. Finally, the interactive map is combined with the Story Map to present the information to viewers through an engaging and educational application.

It’s just that easy to bring new light to projects and information you are developing!

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About Map Monday from GIS Services:

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Happy Mapping!

Justin Sorensen | GIS Specialist
Creativity & Innovation Services / GIS Services

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