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There’s No Learning Like Hands-on Learning

Dean’s Message, November 2023

We used to call it “hands-on learning.” Today it’s all about “experiential learning,” but it doesn’t matter what we call it; it’s still the best way for students to learn and become prepared for the work environment.

Experiential learning is at the heart of President Randall’s initiative to place student success at the very top of priorities. And this is where the library comes in. In places like our ProtoSpace, Digital Matters, and Book Arts Program, we’re going beyond the traditional role of the library. As told in this story of Ben Eder, an architecture student who uses our ProtoSpace 3D Printers for designing buildings, we’re not only providing the equipment, but also the guidance and instruction.

This is what makes leading an academic library so exciting. There’s always something new that faculty are teaching and students are needing to learn. And that means the library must stay ahead of the curve in providing this vibrant research university and our students with “All U Need.”

Sarah Shreeves
Alice Sheets Marriott Dean of Libraries

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