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Utah Religious Architecture Photograph Collection

By Ken Rockwell

In late February, the Marriott Library’s Digital Library Services launched a new collection of contemporary photographs of religious buildings in the state of Utah. Growing out of a 2018 collection covering the religious structures of Salt Lake City, this project aims to extend the scope to the entire state, portraying its religious diversity and history through its architecture. As with the Salt Lake photos, a highlight will be buildings that have been “repurposed”:

  • Historical buildings no longer used as houses of worship but have become the home of other organizations, businesses, museums, etc.
  • Buildings originally built for secular purposes that now are the homes of religious congregations.
  • Church buildings originally built for one denomination but now is home to a different religious community. This has occurred with a number of older Latter-day Saints meetinghouses that have been replaced by newer facilities.
Sikh Temple of Utah

Sikh Temple of Utah

What make this collection different is that it is a “crowd-sourced” project. The public is invited to contribute new digital photos that display the variety of church buildings in different communities in Utah, a reflection of its religious diversity and history. While exterior shots are the primary focus, interior views would also be welcome. The focus is on the physical structure, so photos without people and activity are preferred. To access this collection or to contribute a photo, go to the project home page at:

Saint Jude Maronite Church

Saint Jude Maronite Church

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