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Ute Storytelling Workshop

In this digital age, the art of storytelling is still very much alive. And for a group of high school and junior high students from the Uintah Basin attending a week-long storytelling workshop at the University of Utah, the possibilities were endless. From photography to podcasting, animation to mural creation, these students worked with staff from the Marriott Library, Undergraduate Studies, the Adobe Creative Commons and the College of Fine Arts. They learned new techniques and honed their skills, and through the power of storytelling, they were able to share their unique perspectives and experiences with the world.

These students spent the week staying in the U’s dorms and familiarizing themselves with campus life! Marriott Library staff directed multiple workshops teaching the students how to express their creativity with the resources available here. At the end of the week they presented their work, and here’s some of what they created!

Julius Myore shows us the picture he took of his sister. He attended the photography workshop run by Tony Sams.

In the podcast workshop run by Robert Nelson, Sy Bordeaux, James Shavanaux-Dunn, Jace Mountain Lion, Hannah Kenneth, and Sid Asay created their own poscast, The Five Qs. They talk ghost stories, Marvel movies, and family relationships.

Other activities included a collaborative mural, decoration of a shoe box with important items inside, and block print making. The students had a great time and learned so much about how to tell their own stories.

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