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glass case with military uniform

Veterans of Utah Exhibition: Find your Major

By Aislin Pyper

The Veterans of Utah exhibition on level 4 is broken into three sections: The 24th Infantry Regiment, (also known as the Buffalo Soldiers), the 442nd Regimental combat Team (Japanese-Americans who fought in WWII), and the Fort Douglas Military Museum Ephemera gallery. These sections also include posters that are displayed on the north and south walls.

In addition, the Reading Room contains materials from Special Collections, including a WASP (Women’s Air Force Service Pilots) section, General Patton’s Third Army History, written by Brig Madsen, and the papers of Grant Bagley, a pilot who went MIA during WWII. These materials in the Reading Room were donated to the library.

Keeping students in mind, the exhibition has been curated to group items into academic majors. From music and theater to chemistry & physics, the displays present examples of how various subjects were incorporated into the military and used during war.

Various parts of the Veterans of Utah exhibition hold a piece of history that teach us how objects were made and what they were used for.  Each case is titled to show just how the field of study was used in real life. Below are examples of two cases displayed in the Special Collections on level 4 which represent the subjects of music and theater and religion studies.

Religious Studies

religious artifacts inside of a glass case

Throughout U.S Military history, religion has been important in order to bolster soldier morale. One such document is a Jewish prayer book that was produced by the U.S Army.

Contained also within the religious studies cube are small glass bottles used for wine and water, candlesticks, and other implements called Chaplain’s Kits. These kits were first produced for the military during World War II. The Chaplain Corps consisted of ordained clergy of multiple faiths made up from soldiers in the army. These men and women were commissioned army officers who served as military chaplains and at times they also served as enlisted soldiers and as assistants.

Music & Theater

glass case with written music inside and instrument

One of the most iconic symbols of any military service is the sound of the bugle call. Important to many civilians and soldiers, music was something that gave feelings of peace, joy, and comfort during hard times in the war. Displayed within the music and theater case are famous historic songs, “Bring Back a Belgian Baby to Me” and “Yanks Yank the Kaiser off the Throne.” These songs served as anti-German propaganda when America was making their mark as a modern military force internationally.

Visit level 4 to see the Veterans of Utah exhibition where many more cases have displays  representing topics such as business, fashion, and even sculpture.

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