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VR Cart

By Tony Sams

Spatial Computing Services at the J. Willard Marriott Library has recently introduced an innovative walk-up VR service, featuring the VR Cart. This user-friendly system allows individuals to effortlessly immerse themselves in standalone VR experiences, regardless of their previous experience with virtual reality. To begin these immersive journeys, simply approach the VR Cart, don the headset, and enter captivating virtual realms.

Adding to the excitement, the VR Arena offers a spacious 1000 sq./ft open floor plan meticulously designed for users to explore immersive environments within this expansive dedicated space. The experience of moving around becomes even more authentic and intuitive as you freely navigate using natural locomotion.

These headsets offer remarkable versatility, enabling users to explore, work, and play in novel and creative ways. Dive into Horizon Workrooms for a distinctive meeting experience or venture into Horizon Worlds to forge new friendships and explore individually crafted virtual realms, offering exciting opportunities for learning, socializing, or engaging in games created by fellow users.

The VR Cart is intentionally designed as a walk-up service, eliminating the need for reservations. However, if you require all six connected headsets (HMDs) for a specific time slot, we can reserve the VR Cart for your convenience. Should you ever require assistance, do not hesitate to visit my office or approach the helpful students at the ProtoSpace help desk.

For those seeking personalized guidance, we offer both one-on-one and group/class instruction. For more comprehensive information regarding the VR Cart and our services, please visit the VR Services Website.

Tony Sams | New Media Projects Specialist
Creativity & Innovation Services

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