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Western Name Authority File – NISO Presentation

Western Name Authority File - NISO Presentation

Anna Neatrour and Jeremy Myntti presented at the NISO Open Data Projects virtual conference on June 13, 2018 about the Western Name Authority File (WNAF), an Institute of Library and Museum Services (IMLS) funded project. Here is the abstract for our presentation:

The Western Name Authority File (WNAF) project was funded by an IMLS planning grant in early 2016 to explore and pilot a system for developing a collaborative, regional authority file for personal names and corporate bodies from digital collection metadata. As we near the end of the two year grant, we will provide information on the data model we’ve chosen for our vocabulary, what we’ve done to collect and reconcile names from a variety of partner institutions, and the emerging vocabulary workflows that we’re in the process of developing in order to make the WNAF available as JSON-LD. We will also discuss the platform we are using to make the data openly accessible. 

We have also recently made the WNAF data openly available for searching. Click here to explore the WNAF dataset. You can also find additional information about this grant project on our project website.

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