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Four Fun Books & a Movie for Winter Break

Check out these great titles for fun reading and viewing (maybe even some inspired cooking?) during the upcoming semester break. All picked by Librarian Allyson Mower.

Skye Falling By Mia McKenzie

If you’re looking for some great humor alongside a compelling story, this book won’t disappoint. The main character donated her eggs to an ill friend in need and you follow how she comes to learn about the impacts of this decision and how it changes her life, including trying to sneak out of a window to avoid a situation. So funny.

Koshersoul By Michael Twitty

I love history and food and this book is ideal because it focuses on both and even provides recipes! It’s always fun to cook during down time. Knowing the stories behind recipes makes it even more meaningful. And be sure to check out Michael Twitty’s first book The Cooking Gene.

Ancestor Trouble By Maud Newton

This book creatively combines genealogy with memoir along with good historical research to help tell the story of what it means to reckon with one’s personal past along with one’s ancestral past.

Maggie Terry By Sarah Schulman

This is a great police detective story and murder mystery set in New York City. It follows the title namesake through her approaches to addiction and work. The writing is swift and engaging.

Soul (movie) By Pete Docter, et al.

Best movie to watch during the holidays! The music by Jon Batiste is the best and the story of Joe is inspiring.

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