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Book of the Week — Le reveil matin almanach pour l’année 1789

Le reveil matin almanach pour l’année 1789
Paris: chez Boulanger rue du Pl. Pont chez le Papetier, 1789
AY831 Z7 1789

Miniature almanacs were popular in Paris beginning in the early 1760s. Created as gifts for young ladies, they were also used as New Year’s presents given out by pastry shops and chocolatiers. Many of these almanacs were printed during the French Revolution, as in the case of this copy, published in the year of the storming of the Bastille. This miniature almanac is in its original housing, a hinged, silver, engraved locket binding. A central staple holds the pages together, attached to the center section of the binding. The fore edges still show evidence of gilding. Illustrations depict various street vendors selling items such as oranges, melons, fish, and flowers. The almanac consists of a calendar with each month of the year and notes saints’ days.

Gift of Christopher Horner in memory of Catherine Daniels Horner.

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