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For nearly twenty years, the Marriott Library has been digitizing, preserving, and making newspapers from around the state available through the Utah Digital Newspapers project. We currently have over...

Have you ever wanted to be a part of history? Well, guess what? YOU ARE! By living through the pandemic of 2020, you are making history and we need your help. The Utah COVID-19 Digital Collection...

The newest digital exhibit from the Marriott Library’s Digital Library focuses on Utah’s ghost towns—settlements that have either been abandoned or lost most of their population. There are vario...

Digital Library Team


Jeremy Myntti

Head, Digital Library Services

Matt Brunsvik

Assistant Head, Digital Operations

Tawnya Keller

Assistant Head, Digital Preservation

Anna Neatrour

Digital Initiatives Librarian

Rachel Wittman

Digital Curation Librarian

Tina Kirkham

Digital Library Project Manager

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The Marriott Library’s Digital Library Services department supports faculty, staff, and students at the University of Utah along with a global user base by ensuring long term preservation and public access to digital primary source materials and by providing digital services to the University of Utah and partner organizations.

Digital Library Services facilitates the J. Willard Marriott Digital Library as Utah’s flagship repository for digital collections in order to provide access to and encourage the reuse of digital cultural heritage collections. To achieve this, Digital Library Services promotes excellence and best practices in digital conversion, description, digital preservation, and public access for Utah and the world.